Thank you for all you have done for Jonathan. He has honestly learnt so much and I can see the benefits of FUNBALL from a mile away. You very patient and very good with them all

Nicol Eloff

Our daughter Giselle started FUNBALL before she turned 2 because she was watching the other kids at school and really wanted to be part of the fun! Best idea to do the trial class & here she is 18 months later! I have seen her thrive and develop such amazing skills from ball skills to balance and depth perception. Oh and a lot be for raisins which they get after the lesson! Thank you to the FUNBALL team! We are looking forward to carrying on the New Year!!

Sian Ashdown

Thank you Brenda for all your hard work and huge amount of patience! Alex has just LOVED FUNBALL!

Maya Brown

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for such a wonderful term of FUNBALL. Andrew really did enjoy the lessons when I wasn’t there:) and I can see that FUNBALL has definitely made him more interested in ball sports and helped him develop in many different areas so thank-you very much for all your hard work and enthusiasm as well as patience; you deserve medals. Also, as a parent, I have really appreciated the weekly feedback emails keeping us informed of what went on, always lovely to read and much appreciated!


Thanks for a fun year. Nicholas always looks forward to Wednesdays with you and we have been so impressed with his ball and knowledge skills when we play with him at home.

Justine Powrie

Thank you so much Brenda and Bettina for working with Patrick this year. He has loved his FUNBALL sessions, even if he wouldn’t show me any of it when I came to visit.

Jen Moore-Gordon