Venues / Schools

We are highly adaptable and able to coach FUNBALL regardless of the space available to us. We adapt the activities to the area, whether it be a tennis court, an indoor hall or a small courtyard (this includes external factors such as bad weather).

Being the access point to the children through the parent body, our partnerships with schools and venues are paramount to the success of FUNBALL. As such, these relationships are highly valued and nurtured.

Demonstration days are hosted at the commencement of the year, or term, and based on the requirement of each school. Parent viewing days are done at the end of the year, again according to the requirements of the school or venue.

FUNBALL follow school guidelines in terms of marketing to parents. This is done via flyers, newsletters or any other form of established channels of communication.
All further administration is executed by FUNBALL in terms of parent interaction, enrolling pupils, invoicing and informing parents of news or any changes.